Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hear Some Little Secrets!


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Our friends Passion Pit are having a remix contest for their upcoming single, "Little Secrets", which features the PS22 Chorus on the background vocals! Above is my own little remix which I did for fun.... It's the Mr. Bemix of Little Secrets!. (Rhymes too.)

Some of the winners of the contest will have their remixes included on the official Little Secrets single when it arrives! Exciting stuff!

Also exciting was to see that in its latest issue, Rolling Stone gave the debut album from Passion Pit, Manners, a four star review! (See above pic. Full review is still available on the newsstands.) FOUR STARS from Rolling Stone!! That's so crazy! Some quotes from the review include, "a bona fide dance music phenomenon" and "a shiny bouquet of synth-pop roses." They mention our involvement as well! "There are horns, a string section, even an elementary school chorus...." So amazingly cool!!


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