Friday, January 30, 2009

A Record Deal?!? Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?

The writer of Friday's amazing article in The Guardian wrote that for the PS22 Chorus, "an album deal can't be far away." It turns out he may well be psychic, for things are indeed looking extremely promising for a major CD release from our favorite fifth grade phenoms!! Here's the story....

After being contacted by David Holmes, manager of Coldplay(!!!), who expressed interest in discussing the possibilities of a PS22 Chorus CD, we welcomed him to come join us for a chorus practice at the school. So he extended his flight back to L.A. to come see us, and arrived Friday morning at P.S.22 with another very kind representative from 3D Management, Christina Dunkley. We discussed our respective visions and various possibilities with regard to the project, and it was gratifying to see that the work we do was being taken extremely seriously. After some discussion, our guests were treated to a mini-concert of 6 or 7 songs. Here is a new version of "My Drive Thru" by Santogold, Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, & N.E.R.D..

When I got home from an awesome day at "work", I got a call from the president of Polydor Records, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton, AND Keane's manager, Adam Tudhope, both completely unaware that we had already established a connection with David! To be contacted by such important people in the music industry all at once, has to be taken as a definite indication of exciting things on the way for the chorus. As it turns out, David has worked with Ferdy before, so it is a definite possibility that we may be joining forces. While serious negotiations have only begun, it's just wild to know that this unprecedented event (to my knowledge), of a public school chorus CD being distributed by a major label, is even a possibility!.

The PS22 Chorus with Coldplay management, David & Christina

This is all very surreal and hard to digest, but big things do seem to be on the way for the little chorus that could! With the release of the Passion Pit CD, and now this, it looks like 2009 is going to be some year for the PS22 Chorus! And we couldn't be prouder!


Anonymous said...

hey B. have a great vacation this week =p

Mr. B said...

you too buddy! :)