Monday, January 19, 2009


Today saw the nation-wide televison debut of The PS22 Chorus on the new PBS series, Electric Company! Today the PBS network featured a 2 hour marathon of the new 2009 version of the classic 70's TV series, from 3:00-5:00 PM EST. And it was AWESOME!! The kids looked like pros, as you can see from the above video, and even got a credit at the end of the show, which you can see below! How cool is it seeing "PS22 Chorus" right up there with "Sean Kingston" and "Wyclef Jean"?!?

The kids appeared prominently in the first episode of the series in 2 short segments. The first was a carnival scene from the August shoot, and the second was the "Silent E" video segment that we filmed in June. Ultimately the PS22 Chorus of 2008 appeared in 3 out of the 4 episodes that aired during the marathon! There will be many more episodes featuring the kids, and we'll post them as they surface on the internet, as we did the above video. In the meantime you can visit the official PBS ELECTRIC COMPANY website to see the Silent E and the Sound Carnival "short u" segments. Once you're on the site, just click on "Videos", then "Clips", and finally use the up/down arrows to find the 2 videos that feature the PS22 Chorus kids. Below is a screen cap of the kids in action!

The new show has opened to extremely positive reviews! Robert Lloyd, reviewer for The Los Angeles Times said, "I was at first distressed to see Tom Lehrer's sweet ode to 'Silent E' ("A little glob becomes a globe instantly/If you just add silent e") rewritten into a kind of "Middle School Musical" production number, it won me over in the end." The PS22 Chorus never fails to win 'em over in the end!! But we're not middle school! ELEMENTARY! Just like the papers to never get it right! You can read the review from Newsweek below -- and notice another reference to the "Silent E" segment!!


No worries if you missed today's marathon -- the series officially kicks off this Friday on PBS at 4:30 PM (EST), its regularly scheduled airing time. The show will then repeat on Sundays at 11:30 AM. Below, enjoy more screencaps of today's Electric Company segments featuring the PS22 Chorus.


Anonymous said...

wuts up mr.b its james the show was awsome i was watchin it with jarred and mikestand.i cant believe were on TV.hooppe i could come soon i tryin to get my mom to let me go ill keep tryin lol

From:james aka right hand man

Anonymous said...

heyyy mr.b luved da electric company!!!! saw u guys saw a little of me 2 lol.wish i was a dancer!!! luved it (fyi) electric company is on every friday on pbs kids ya shweetie ashley blas

Anonymous said...

wow mr.b those r some nice pics u got there and i also like the video 2 it was kool ,amazing nd awsome !!!!!!!

april .p

Mr. B said...

JAMES: hey buddy! you guys were absolutely incredible on the show yesterday!! you all looked like pros! and i was a very proud music teacher! definitely come visit when you can! (i see your cousin at work all the time, she's very nice!) :)

ASHLEY: you looked AMAZING on TV! i saw you several times in the Silent E video, and you look beautiful in the screencap that's on the blog!! don't be wishing you were a dancer. there were several dancers that i could barely see. you had a REALLY nice close up!! just cool that you guys are on TV period!!

APRIL: thanks buddy!! you're pretty cool, amazing, and awesome yourself!! that was nice of you to leave a nice comment for last year's chorus to see! :)

Anonymous said...

yea i kno i luved it lol i am definetly not complaining!!! luved had an awesome time
ashley b

Mr. B said...

good answer, kiddo! :) you should be EXTREMELY proud, just as I am. said...

I'm just waiting for a David
Bowie cover from you guys. I'd love to help you pick one out.


Mr. B said...

ha! we've done space oddity, but i don't think i have a version good enough to post!! :) thanks!