Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alumni Alert!

The past two months has seen the return of many of our favorite alumni! (Above you can see chorus alum of 2008, Isaiah, with our very own Mrs. Johnson.) Below you can see (and hear!) some more of your favorite chorus members of years past, and get a sense of who they are today. Two of them, Isaiah and Justin, are being considered for a major cable television show that is in development! We'll keep you posted....

Justin, PS22 Chorus of 2007, sings "Us Against The World" by Christina Milian!

B.F.F. Alex, PS22 Chorus member of 2007!

Sheria, PS22 Chorus member of 2003!

Carmelo, PS22 Chorus member of 2002!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B or,should I say Spitter B. It's Kaila. OMG I miss u guys so much!!!!! I saw us on Eletric Company. It rocked!!!! I didn't see or find the Silent E. video. Keep up the good work cause ur doing great!!!
Best wishes from Amber,Angela,Brian,and urs truely...

Mr. B said...

hi kaila and gang!! :) go to the electric company website, you can watch the silent e video there:

you guys did such a great job -- so professional!! so great to hear from you, miss you guys so much!!