Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The PS22 Chorus is Drivin' Thru!!

After hearing great feedback from Keane on our rendition of their song "Everybody's Changing" only a week ago, the chorus now has gotten another 'thumbs up' from the artists associated with the song, "My Drive Thru". The performers on the original track include Santogold (a personal favorite), Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D.) The song was featured on an extremely popular Converse commercial that ran several months ago.

Well today I was contacted by Jeff Tammes, who e-mailed to say,

"I put that track together for Converse and when I saw the videos I forwarded it to Converse as well as the artists involved. They all agree that it is an amazing version of the song."

It was also very cool to find that they did a short article about the chorus and it's rendition of "My Drive Thru" in Advertising Age Magazine, with another very nice quote from Jeff.

So congrats again kids!! You are certainly 'driving' your way right into the public consciousness!! Keep making us proud!!

The original version!


Anonymous said...

hey mr.b it's me angela i know i haven't talk to u in a while it's because of homework eww. But anyway i love this song expecially when the chorus sings it they have such great harmony.Keep up the great work with your great teachings.Bye

Mr. B said...

hey angela! great to hear from you!! you guys look great on Electric Company!! thanks for all your kindness! miss ya lots, and of course, that amazing voice of yours too!! :)