Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian

Probably my favorite song (and certainly my favorite group) during my high school years, here is a great rendition of the song made popular by the Bangles (written by Liam Sternberg), "Walk Like An Egyptian," the #1 hit from the eighties! Recently, after the PS22 Chorus performed at The Oscars, we got a beautiful e-mail from Susanna Hoffs praising the kids' performance. We dedicate this to her. And the song seems more timely than ever....

UPDATE: In addition to our amazing supporter Perez Hilton tweeting about our newest cover, Susanna Hoffs, singer and guitarist from the Bangles, e-mailed a beautiful message! Here are some excerpts:


"it's so incredible---you are brilliant, and the kids are magnificent"

" just made my year :)"


Juliette Cabalery said...

Mr B., I've been following the chorus for two years now and I think you've reach a point of excellence in solos, music (go Maquis !!) and FILMING that is beyond words.

This video absolutely made my day, I am so gratefull to have access to your music. You are true artists. :)

aminata said...

hey mr.b i think u guys did a great job with all of your songs

fama said...

hey mr.b i think we did a good job on the songs

Sandy said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it!! This is such a good song. i think you kinda know why "nudge nudge"
Your #1 egyptian,
Sandy <3

Anonymous said...

First time seeing these kids.They are amazing.