Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Guardian echoes Lady Gaga's Sentiments on PS22

A beautiful article written about the PS22 Chorus by Hermione Hoby for UK's prestigious publication, The Guardian.


Susana said...

Hi guys! I discovered you thanks to this article in the UK's Guardian. My name is Susana and my family and I live in Barcelona, Spain. My husband is a violinist so music is a big part of our lives. We have a 4-month old baby and he seems to love music as well!

You guys are AWESOME, thanks for making my day a very special one. Keep singing!

Zendrig said...

D-Bobe on American Idol?!
Gotta watch out for that! :)

Mr. B said...

@Zendrig: To set the record straight, it was America's Got Talent that reached out, but yeah, we're extremely proud of this incredibly talented alum! And while you're on the watch, be on the lookout for some amazing improv with D-Bobe soon.

Anonymous said...

i love the pic of you guess i hope next year i will me

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