Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Dragon sets PS22 on fire!

Last month we got an e-mail from the manager of one of my favorite bands, Little Dragon, who noticed that we included the group as one of our favorite artists on our YouTube channel. He asked if he thought there was any way the PS22 of 2011 could host a visit from Little Dragon. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity! Things have been so busy at PS22 that I didn't even have time to prepare the kids with any of the group's music until yesterday, the day Little Dragon was set to arrive! But leave it to PS22 to make the magic happen, even when they're down to the 11th hour!! Check out two amazing performances and some behind-the-scenes footage from the band accompanied by the extraordinary children of the PS22 Chorus in beautiful harmony!

Big thanks to Little Dragon and their management for such an inspirational visit, and we're even more ecstatic to hear they left PS22 feeling equally inspired by our favorite fifth graders and their time at PS22! Last but certainly not least, big thanks to Ms. Lisa & Ms. Laurie for the beautiful vids and pics on this post! Check out more pics below!!

Mohamed on hug patrol....
Ms. Lisa capturing the festivities.....
Yukimi Nagano
Erik Boden
PS22 Chorus & Little Dragon
Celebrating a job well done!


Zendrig said...

Why is there a camera-crew and when do we get to see the footage???

Zendrig said...

Oh, by the way: Fantastic collab!
Tori Amos? -> check!
Crowded House? -> check!
Passion Pit? -> check!
Little Dragon? -> check!
Whos's gonna be next?
Probably Phoenix!

I'm still not giving up all hopes for even just a glimpse of my favorite band of all times on your list: Dead Can Dance

Some day...

Jg. for FatScribe said...

HUGE Little Dragon fan ... and now a huge PS22 fan! Wow to go guys! You did such a nice job on "Twice" that I have to listen to it another time.

God bless y'all!