Friday, December 03, 2010

Silver Bells

Here is a stunning version of the Christmas classic, "Silver Bells", from the PS22 Chorus of 2011! Kids really knocked this one out of the park, eh?? Thanks to Ms. Lisa for her beautiful filming!

UPDATE (12-6-10): Thanks to Perez Hilton for the awesome plug on his blog!!


Spence Ohana said...

Beautiful! Awesome job kids!

Kira said...

Nice hat ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this one

Anonymous said...

Oh so fantastic :) Wonderful performance!

You really should do Happy Xmas (War is over) by John Lennon. Any chance you could do it? :] You would really make me (and many other) really happy, because it's one of the most known christmas songs in the world. (And nostalgic of course.)

Keep it up good work! (and Greeting from Finland)