Tuesday, December 07, 2010

PS22 Conquers Germany!

Check out this incredible plug/article/interview featuring the PS22 Chorus on the popular German website DETEKTOR.FM! Congrats kids on the incredible international acclaim!


Gundula und Anne said...

amazing songs you have - me and my flatmates spent the afternoon listening to all your songs on youtube, celebrating pre-christmas-time with german mulled wine and your incredible voices after we saw this song on Detektor.fm!

all the best und ..frohe Weihachten nach Amerika aus Deutschland!! :)

Mr. B said...

danke!! :)

Mr. B said...

danke!! :)

Fabi said...

Double post. :p

It's so cool to read about the Chorus in my native language!
This was just another step to international fame, congrats. :)
Frohe Weihnachten und beste Wünsche für 2011. :)

P.s. The email as to the other stuff will be on it's way in a few hours.