Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PS22 Chorus on Germany's Detektor.FM

Yesterday, chorus member Leah and I had the pleasure of speaking with our new friends from German radio's Detektor.FM! The interview is available for download on their site, as well as a brief article (in German) about the PS22 Chorus. If you just want to take a listen, click play on the media player below.


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Zen said...

Although the language jumble is always a little awkward in these kind of interviews, I'm happy that you've certainly gained some new fans in Germany.

Deutschland loves you ;-)

Anonymous said...

The pleasure´s been all ours!
You have found a few new fans, boys and girls, over there in germany...

We wish you all the best - you are gorgeous.

The crew of

Rike said...

Oh, it's totally weird to hear someone from germany talking to the ps22! great that also here in germany ps22 is getting famous :)!!
Loved the interview and loved Leah's singing in "closer"!!