Thursday, June 03, 2010

PS22 Chorus back on Thunder Country!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making a second appearance on Scrubs In The Morning on 94.5 The New Thunder Country Radio. Thanks to Flounder, April, & the rest of the morning crew for a great morning wake up call to start the day! You can download the interview on the station's website. (And for our previous conversation with the Scrubs morning crew from last June, click here.)

Scrubs In The Morning

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Teach6908 said...

How can anyone in their right mind even consider putting this program on the block? If we can find bailout funding for banks, wall street, and the auto companies, surely there is enough money around for the PS 22 all stars!

Suz said...

@Teach6908-- I think that is the BEST comment ever-- if only the right people would start paying attention to education and the importance of ALL of the disciplines!