Thursday, June 17, 2010

PS22 Chorus on CBS News!

On Tuesday, the PS22 Chorus was visited by CBS News correspondent Cindy Hsu, who came to get the inside scoop on our recent Webby Award. She spoke with Miguelito, Ethan, Leah, Clarissa, and Julian, who also gave her a little taste of Ne-yo's "Closer," which the chorus sang Monday night at the Webbys. The PS22 Chorus segment appeared on both the evening news on Tuesday, and the following morning. Although the spot that appeared on the evening news has more footage of the kids speaking, I love the amazing reaction of the anchors on the shorter version. You can check out Cindy Hsu's write-up of her visit at, and the videos below!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

SEE, I KNEW IT... It was just a matter of time... Now wouldn't it be cool if David Foster paid your group a visit???( u know what i'm hintin' at, don't u?) *wink, wink...:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miguelito and Ethan -

Your comments in the CBS interview are astonishing...wonderful...
wise...really just great.

Ethan - you know, the curriculum of life is discovering how to love one another, yet you, and I am sure others in the Chours, already have personal insight on this. As you said, Chorus is about peace and how we love each other.

And Miguelito, to see the Chorus as a large family, and to experience being one person while singing---this is what great mystics and saints have been trying to tell us for thousands of years. And your getting this insight as a fifth grader. Whew!!!!

Music--and singing--is "re-wiring " your brains so that instead jealousy, fighting and harassing one another, you can express your emotions of love and peace. This is so great,as I said up at the top. This is real education that leads to being fully alive, free human beings. What a great school it is...wouldn't you say?

You guys, all of you including Mr. B, are a great blessing to the world and to the millions of us who have been touched by the beauty and joy you all radiate on your videos.

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I too feel like a member of your big family, and I wish all good as you continue on your way through this great life...

Again, thanks so much for all you are doing,