Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Message To My Chorus of 2006-7......

To My Chorus,

I've been sitting here looking over the blog tonight, watching, listening, and reading some of your comments. And I needed to post this farewell message to you. You are, as it says in the blog description, "extraordinary little people." (Jordan, not so little, but just as extraordinary! Just stop growing kid -- it's getting me annoyed....) I'm watching the videos, and I am filled with pride to behold your magnificence as you shine your brightest! I've been blessed this year with a group that really understood the magic of the music. You've been such a pleasure to work with. You're so incredibly talented!!!

But I know you guys understand that you don't sound like you do simply because of your extreme talent. It was through hard work, dedication, and the respect you showed to the music. Most importantly, it was heart and soul -- of which you have demonstrated time and time again that you have more than I would have ever thought humanly possible! And you have become my second family.

It's not easy for 65 individuals to merge into 1 powerful voice. But you did. And look what has happened!! The results of your hard work have earned you international attention and acclaim!! You don't know how many requests from all over the world I've received for a PS22 Chorus CD! You've been a featured news item in major media such as USA TODAY, VH1, and The DAILY NEWS! You sang with a Latin Grammy-nominated artist, LENA! You were invited to sing by Academy Award winner MARCIA GAY HARDEN at her HOUSE!!! You sang for and with the internationally famous and respected (and, as you know, my favorite) musician who has sold millions of CDs, TORI AMOS!!! You made her cry with your soulful singing.

Tyrell, I'll never forget when you said on the bus ride home from the Tori Amos trip, after saying that it was the best day of your life. You said to me, "....and seeing you -- I thought you were going to faint." You made me understand that a large part of your joy that day, aside from meeting the incredible Tori, was you taking pleasure in witnessing my pleasure, understanding how much this meant to me personally. And I know the rest of you felt the same. This may surprise you chorus, but that brought me my greatest happiness that day. The generosity of spirit is what touches me and what I will miss most about this chorus.

Zaudita, neither will I forget what you said about Tori taking time out to meet with us on that same bus ride. You said, "nobody in the world would do that for kids like us." Dita, you and all the chorus have inspired so many. Kids like you are what gives the world hope for a better tomorrow. You guys really have no idea how special you are. I suppose modesty is a large part of your appeal to all who are lucky enough to see/hear you perform, but I need you to know that you are some of the most amazing human beings I've ever come across -- big or small. You have made me so proud and have allowed me to share in experiences that will be memories that will last forever-- memories enough for a lifetime, and only in one short year.

Remember when times get tough, as times can get tough (I know you are all wise enough to know this) -- you have a gift, a power. Drawing on that power can get you through anything. Never forget that. Making music has gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life. The music you made has touched so many lives already, and your lives are only just beginning. Nothing's better in this world than bringing happiness to people. You've brought so much of it to so many, and will continue to bring more to many more through the blog. That's what this chorus thing is all about. You've been blessed and have been a blessing to others, to the community, to your families, and certainly to me. Understand your power. Take pride in it, but use it wisely and charitably. Continue to brighten lives and make your beautiful music sing its way into the heart of the world.

So thank you chorus. I will miss you so much...... even you Isaiah. ;)

Love & Respect To The Best Chorus There Ever Was,
Mr. B

P.S. Keep checking the blog, guys! I'll be posting the audio recordings we did last week very soon -- including the Tori Amos duets!!! As you know, THEY SOUND GREAT!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

heyy mr.b i love the note you left us i already miss the chorus and everyone.
love nicolette

Anonymous said...

mr. b and miss burns, thank you so much for making me love singing even more ,you guys are the friends in the world , kristian ishmael

Anonymous said...

Reading this message made me cry !! thanks Mr.b for bringing the chorus and me to music !!! {amazing music} You are an amazing person and I KNOW I will keep in touch with the site and the school! The chorus,u and the music have brought me in a better place now ! All the amazing times we had together will ALWAY'S stay with me . I had a great experiance being in this school !!

I will alawy's miss u

Anonymous said...

It must be hard for something so beautiful to end. I hope each and every one of the chorus go on to do great things. :D

The Isaiah said...

HEY MR.B wuz up. it's me your best pal isaiah. thank you so much, this year was the best i'm into music alot thanks to the chorus. you were the best music teacher ever,i'll never forget that. i learned so many songs now. i sing them every day. erery time i'm at baseball practice i always get in trouble because i sing 'you raise me up' all the time. i will never forget you guys even mrs burns. oh yeah tell mrs burns that i will never forget her she was the best 2nd in command. i'll visit soon

sincerely isaiah....the isaiah

Anonymous said...

hi mr.b i am suppose to go to bed know but i couldnt knowing i havent been on in a while i read your post about us just know and it touched me alot this summer is gonna be bittersweet because im going on to middle school but im leaving ps.22 i will always and i mean always remember our laughs our tears (if we had any?) but most of all ill remember the experience luv always, dita :) bye, to ms burns thanks for the support ur partner in crime

The Isaiah said...

wuz up, the ya doing.
i'm still saddened that i left the chorus and have to start a new life in the intermediate school. when i'm in the chorus in 51( i pray that i am in the chorus) i'll always rememba you and the crazy chorus.

see ya later.
The isaiah
ps. if you don't write back,THE isaiah will give you THE whake in THE back of THE head.

Mr. B said...

Thanks chorus for really awesome comments you've been leaving....

NICOLETTE -- I MISS YOU TOO!! You've been so cool. It took me a while to convince you about chorus if you remember, and I wouldn't have bothered unless I really thought you were special. YOU ARE!! Thanks for the sweet message.

KRISTIAN -- You've come so far this year and Mrs. Burns and I are BOTH so proud of you.... And with your talent, I hope your love for singing and music will continue to grow. You're awesome....

RIDMILA -- You're so sweet!! What an awesome message! I'm so glad I got to know you this year -- you're such an amazing kid!! I will always keep the great times we've had this year in chorus and always remember you guys. Know why? Cuz you guys are going to stay in touch!!

DITA -- You're just such an old soul! Your messages always make me smile and misty-eyed at the same time. You are an incredible person yourself, and I thank you for the compliments. A teacher is only as "amazing" as his students, so if I'm amazing, it's only a pale reflection of your amazing-ness!! (New word.) :) I hope you're enjoying the summer and that you are resting up after putting in a good year's work at school. You deserve it!!

THE ISAIAH -- You're just the coolest, even if you're not very patient with me..... ;) Thanks for the messages and for understanding how hard it is to say goodbye to you guys! Sorry I didn't comment back right away -- I'm hoping you'll let me keep all my fingers.... I just opened your gift today -- thanks for that awesome candle and thank your mom too for her extremely kind note!! And you BETTER be in chorus in 51, or I may have to go over there...... GRRR.....

Miss ALL of you!!!

The Isaiah said...

hi, The b, WUZ UP.i can only talk for a little while. because i have to go to practice. any way my voice has gotten even better........i think i'm a SOPRANO. next year when you have your new chorus i'll make sure i visit...i hope.

the isaiah.....i have to tell you something important when i get back.

Mr. B said...

Hey hey Isaiah,

I'm not surprised to hear your voice is getting better. You worked really hard this year and you were coming into chorus with an amazing talent already....

As far as you being soprano, you could be right -- but I don't want you thinking that being a soprano means you have a better voice! The difference between alto and soprano has nothing to do with how good or bad of a singer you are, only where your voice is most comfortable singing....

A lot of kids think that sometimes. I don't know why......


PS Hope you had a great practice!

Anonymous said...


Mr. B said...

Hi Ziha!! I meant every word! You guys were just the greatest chorus ever! I'm really missing my group!!

Mr. B