Saturday, June 23, 2007

The End Of An Era...... The PS22 5th Grade Final Assembly Of 2007

It was an especially emotional graduation this year, saying goodbye to this fifth grade graduating class. The students at P.S.22 have had so many accomplishments throughout the years, but this was indeed a standout group of kids. We will miss them immensely.

And the emotionalism of the day was compounded by the fact that we are also saying goodbye to our dynamic principal, Mrs. Karina Costantino, who is moving on to become a district superintendent in Brooklyn.

The chorus and I are particularly sad to see Mrs. Costantino leave, because she has been an ardent supporter of the arts, and the chorus's self-proclaimed #1 fan. It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Mrs. Costantino, but we know she will go on to do more good for the community, only now on a much larger scale. We know she will be met with the same love and respect in her new position that she has earned for herself as principal of P.S.22.

But the mood wasn't all somber. In addition to being a time of reflection, this year's graduation also proved to be a joyous celebration of accomplishments!

The PS22 chorus provided 2 upbeat farewell numbers that would leave everybody "Bouncing Off Clouds!" Eric and the chorus also reminded us that even though big changes are to come, "I Will Survive!"

We also had the pleasure of welcoming back Jasmine, our distinguished graduate, who left P.S.22 only 5 years ago to become the president and C.E.O. of her own line of all-natural hair and skin products, EDEN Bodyworks! Jasmine has appeared on Oprah, Donny Deutch, and Nightline, as one of the most prominent in a new wave of young entrepeneurs in America! You can check out Jasmine's unbelievable accomplishment in establishing her vision, as well as her appearances on the aforementioned television shows on her website, Eden Bodyworks. We thank Jasmine for attending this year's final assembly, and for giving our graduates a speech that was truly inspiring. We were also duly honored to hear that she attributes much of her success to some core values she learned at P.S.22. Jasmine, you are a wonderful role model to all -- we are so proud of you.

Then it was time for the entire 5th grade class to sing their graduation songs. First, Tyrell rocked the house with his rendition of the P.S.22 rap! His upbeat performance had the whole audience clapping along joyfully!

Chaylene and Zaudita made a beautiful speech, dedicating our farewell song, Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up", to Mrs. Costantino. Mariama belted out the solo and moved everyone to tears and thunderous applause.



The Isaiah said...

I'm so sad that i'm leaving ps.22. let's make our last chorus party the BEST!

YOUR BEST PAL.......The Isaiah

Anonymous said...

dear Mr.b,
the chourse should thank you for what you have done this year. the chourse is so amazing. I loved the play it was really greate
p.s never change

CircesMagic said...

It was a BEAUTIFUL graduation, I cried and cried..left with a headache! Your music is beautiful as well as moving Mr. B.!

Eva aka Katelyns Mom!

Anonymous said...

We are so sad that everybody is moving on including Marisa and I.


P.S. Great job with the chorus keep working hard,and congrats to the graduates.

From your,

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to be leaving PS22 !! At least I'll have amazing memories tolook back on , when I'm older . thank u for an amazing year of amazing music !!


Anonymous said...

hi mr.b im soooooooooooooooooo srrry i didnt get to tell u good bye .i was searching for u but i could not find u i will miss u soooooo much u have no idea. u giving me the oppurtunity to be in the chorus was amazingly great with an amazing teacher what else could it be. i promise and i promise i will keep this promise iwill visit u as often as i can if not face to face on the internet i will never forget have a great summer :) :( ill miss u so badly here comes the water works bye mr.b never forget , dita

Mr. B said...

I hope you KNOW Zaudita, Ridmila, Isaiah, Michel'le, and all my chorus and graduates, how you have earned a place in PS22 history as well as in my heart. I will always treasure the memories we've made for ourselves this year, and I couldn't begin to tell you chorus, how much I appreciate you guys making my dream come true this year. I still can't believe that WE GOT TO SING WITH TORI!! AND we touched her heart in an incredibly unique and special way that I don't think she'll ever forget -- as you've touched mine! I KNOW that I will NEVER forget the chorus of 2006-7, and I hope you feel the same. We've had the best of times! But you all know how to stay in touch. And I hope you will continue to leave me messages on the blog, and visit as often as you can. A piece of my heart walks with each of you, so bring it home every once in a while....

Love you guys!!!
Mr. B

Anonymous said...

i am goin to miss p.s.22 mr. b an dall teachers am happy 4 movin on but sad 4 leavinam going to miss p.s.22