Monday, June 18, 2007

The 22 Chorus Blog Hits Another Milestone!

Today our website received it's 25,000th visitor!! We've come a long way since we started the blog in September! Congrats, posse!! People all over the world are taking notice!


Anonymous said...

That was an amazing play. The kids did a wonderful job. I loved how they used their imagination to come up with an interesting and creative play. I couldn't believe that 10-year olds did that all by themselves. I was really surprised to see how they just slipped into their characters with almost no difficulty at all. Great job guys!!

Anonymous said...

hey mr. b here with the twins!!

i love them
they are so fun!!!



- steph

Anonymous said...

luv the pic's

Anonymous said...

ahhh brings back great memories im tryin out for this years play

-king ben

Anonymous said...

mr b. I thought you were putting on the big play picture

Mr. B said...

i will. i'm about to do work on the site.