Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Christina Perri

Just last week, the PS22 Chorus was treated to a visit from the lovely and talented Christina Perri! Before her visit we agreed on two songs that we would prepare for the visit - "A Thousand Years" (featured in the movie Twilight) and her new single, "Human!" Oddly enough, perhaps the most special rendition of all was the unplanned "Jar Of Hearts!" This one was a last minute add-on to the setlist that we surprised her with. Christina was such a good sport, as the vocal arrangement I prepared for the kids required her to change the chord structure of her piano part in order for the harmonies to work. She spent the time to work it out with us, and what happened next was sheer magic.  Another highlight is the Q&A featured on the "A Thousand Years" video which includes a Twilight war, insight to Christina's first efforts at song-writing, and chorus members Juan and Kenyatta shamelessly flirting with our guest!

 Check out all the performances below!

Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for filming, and Ms. Laurie for the pics! More below!


Andre said...

Christina may feel like the luckiest person in the room but I think that at least one member of Chorus might have been a little bit more excited. Oh, and if I'm not totally mistaken I think you got a return visitor from fourth grade. Something tells me that the experience of singing with the group might be a little bit addictive. Now, if I could get a prescription somewhere...

jade said...

hey its jade I just wanted to say I love u all and I miss u and Christina is my idol I love he song a thousand years . you guys are very lucky to meet her