Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broadcast Debut of The PS22 Chorus Documentary - ONCE IN A LULLABY!!

HUGE NEWS!!!! The broadcast premiere of the award-winning PS22 Chorus Documentary-Once in a Lullaby (which was premiered at Tribeca Film Festival) happens this coming Monday, March 3rd on the NJTV network, a subsidiary of PBS which broadcasts all over the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see what all the fuss is about!!! Click here for more info about Monday's broadcast or click here to find the NJTV network channel on your local cable provider! And to whet your appetite, you might want to check out this glowing review of the film from the LA Times, or simply watch the official trailer to the film below!! UPDATE: Here's another helpful link to assist you in finding the channel for NJTV near you.


Liz Muentes said...

Hi Mr.B,
Liz Muentes from NJTV's NJDocs. Please see this link for the best way to figure out what channel to find NJTV on:
Such a great documentary and we can't wait for our viewers to watch.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr.B and the PS22 Chorus,

My name is Liz and I am a student teacher in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I discovered your videos on Youtube the other day, and I was amazed by all of your talents. I then proceeded to show your video to friends of mine in the music program at the same university I go to and they were very impressed.
As a music lover, I love your videos and I will keep coming back to watch more. Keep up the great work.

maryanne said...

I watched the documentary last night and loved it. What a wonderful opportunity for your kids, and an inspiration to all about how dynamic music education can be. I hope it will reach a wide audience and that your great chorus goes on forever. With all the bad news and bad weather out there (I'm in NJ)it restores my faith in human goodness.
Thank you!