Monday, December 16, 2013

The SINGING Dead ft. Emily Kinney!!!

Such a thrill to have the opportunity to make music with Emily Kinney, aka "Beth" from The Walking Dead! We adore her character on the show, her voice, her new EP EXPIRED LOVE, and most impressively her down-to-earth good nature! One of our favorite visitors ever for sure -- so much fun "talking dead" with her!! Didn't realize there were so many Walking Dead fans in the PS22 Chorus!! Check out an absolutely chilling rendition of "Hold On" (by Tom Waits) and then her appropriately titled song, "Masterpiece."

Check out more fantastic photos of Emily with PS22 Chorus courtesy of Mrs. Johnson! (More on our Facebook page!)


Andre said...

I love how the kids just have to act out the lyrics. So amazing.

Oh, and Emily is right about you all being awesome. I wonder if she's singing somewhere close sometime soon. Might be possible to get you guys on stage that way. It has happened before.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a bless day today* Acruzz

Anonymous said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MR.B!! omggg I really really miss you is51 chorus. ..they need to work ..hard they dont try at all it gets me annoyed because I just start to think about last year =[[ but anyways I hope you had the best best birthday ever thats not true cause u didn't get my hugs so it couldn't be the best :D please tell Mrs.B & Mrs.p I saidd i miss them alot!!! And I need a new math and l.a teacher�� OH and tell MR.B AND MRS.B I said I miss them alot���� Delaney.r ��