Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More International PS22 Chorus Press!

Thanks to Martin Stepanek for his article on the PS22 Chorus that appeared today in one of Austria's biggest newspapers, Kurier! Click here to see a slightly longer online version of the story that appeared in the hard copy with lots of great pics, some previously unseen!

P.S. Google Translate is your friend.


Andre said...

For once it's an advantage to be from Germany. Although the word for Inauguration seems like an Austrian speciality.

The reporter is missing some things, though. I love witnessing the awesomeness and wisdom the kids show beside being amazing singers. And, of course the 'more than music' lessons hidden in the videos.

Martin Stepanek said...

Dear Andre, I think no article can do full justice to the awesomeness and wisdom of the kids. It's also very hard to get that across in written form, cause it's a very subtle thing. Or rather a subtext which can be easily grasped when you experience and talk to them, but is not so easy to describe, when you have to cover and explain their story to an audience, who might never heard of them before... Best, Martin