Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Michael Franti & PS22 Chorus Say Hey, I Love You!

On Friday, June 7th, Michael Franti stopped by to thank the PS22 Chorus for covering his new single, "I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)", and to sing some of his uplifting songs with the kids! Truly one of the most lovable characters that's entered the PS22 auditorium, Michael brought joy, laughter, music, and inspiration that will stay with us forever! Relive the experience with us and watch the videos below filmed by our favorite Ms. Lisa!

UPDATE (6-21-13):  Just added another video of Michael Franti interviewing Mr. B & PS22 Chorus member Nadia after we made our music together!

We leave you with some phenomenal pics courtesy of Victor Breinberg! Even more great pics on our Facebook page!


Andre said...

It feels like everyone was really comfortable singing these songs. And you all obviously had so much fun. If only this could continue forever.

Oh, and before anyone else says it: We love YOU. Just so that's clear. And yes, I've taken the liberty to speak for everyone who watched and liked your videos in the last year.

PS: Mr. B.: Are you sure it's not because of your feet everyone behind you held their nose? It looks like that at least.

Anonymous said...

lucky them! i love "say hey (i love you)" and they look like they are having soo much fun.

-kaitlynn f, class of 2012