Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jessica Sanchez & PS22 Chorus Provide "Clarity" for Trevor LIVE NYC Gala!

On Monday, June 17th, the PS22 Chorus took the stage at the Trevor LIVE NYC Gala in support of The Trevor Project and all the important work they do! The kids opened with their powerful version of "Titanium" by David Guetta & Sia! And when the kids began singing "Clarity" by Zedd ft. Foxes, they were joined onstage by singer Jessica Sanchez who recently performed the song on Glee! Jessica was absolutely stunning onstage and so wonderfully down to earth offstage. We adored her! Check out the brilliant performances of "Titanium" and "Clarity" below filmed beautifully by Valerie Panzella!

Perhaps needless to say, the performance was a major success! reports that the kids stole the show! Vanity Fair reports that the chorus gave "a rousing performance that had the crowd cheering!"  Jessica Sanchez tweeted "Just goosebumps everywhere! These kids are giving me full on life right now!!! Snooki posted a pic of the kids singing with Jessica on her Instagram, and remarked, "Absolutely amazing." Zedd posted the video on his Twitter page exclaiming, "HOW AWESOME IS THIS!?!?!?" And certainly the most entertaining praise came from Trevor LIVE host Jane Lynch saying, “Those kids! We were back there crying.... They were just amazing. Beautiful. And so precious. I ate one. He was delicious... Thank God he was an alto.”

Check out some great pics below courtesy of Victor Breinberg! For even more amazing shots, visit our Facebook page!

PS22 Chorus & Jessica Sanchez at soundcheck!

PS22 Chorus on the Red Carpet!

On the Red Carpet with Snooki & JWoww!

On the Red Carpet with Jane Lynch!

On the Red Carpet with Jessica Sanchez!

Applauding a job well done!


Andre said...

On one hand I had been wondering what Titanium would sound like with a year of experience added. On the other hand that means the year is coming to an end. And judging by the tears the kids know how close they are to the end of their awesome year of Chorus. I think they would agree with me on this: I don't want the year to end.

Dear PS22 Chorus of 2013: I (and certainly a lot of other people) will miss you. Whatever you choose to do, please stay awesome.

Anonymous said...

in Titanium video seeing the some the kids I know it is hard,

P.S.} Ps22 chorus of 2013 you are my favorite group, and im going miss this group. Ps22 chorus 2013 just keep up what you are doing with the singing you kids are great at it and for all soloists of this year's chorus just keep up the good work and keep singing, and for alicea and Dorian seeing you two in chorus now and now that you two are about to leave chorus just keep up the good work and I hope you come back to visit the chorus. mr.b can you tell them all this when you get a chance


Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a great summer Mr. B.

I have been watching my favourite PS 22 video of all-time - "Forever Young" with your chorus and "Young at Heart" (I am sure i have seen every video that you have ever posted)- the emotion, the interaction, is incredible.

Every year the kids seem to be better than the year before - in reality, the kids are great every year. You, and your peers, provide these kids with the foundation for a successful, productive life.

I know that everyone who views
these videos is praying for their
continuing happiness and success.

God Bless you sir,

I am hoping you have a video from their graduarion ceremony,

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to the chorus of 2012-13 - Every kid is talented and brilliant - apply the lessons that you have learned - your futures are golden.

Thanks Mr. B