Thursday, November 29, 2012

PS22's YouTube Channel Hits 50 Million Views!

Who would have guessed when the first PS22 video appeared on YouTube back in 2006, that an elementary school chorus could become a bona fide "internet sensation" AND maintain that celebrated status for over five years?! Well today, the group reached another milestone -- the PS22 Chorus YouTube channel has surpassed fifty million views of its videos!!

We hope every child who has ever been part of the chorus throughout the years is exceptionally proud to have had the opportunity to bring joy and inspiration to such a mind-blowing number of people, simply through a love of and dedication to music-making! Super huge thanks to Perez Hilton who first helped the group reach a mass audience (and to this day continues to support the program and our students), and to all of you who have been with us throughout the years....   It has meant so much to us and changed so many lives here at PS22 -- we are beyond grateful.


Anonymous said...

three words awesome,congrats and you guys rock and the singing is good.


Zendrig said...

Though 50 million sure sounds like a lot, it also means that way too many people are apparently still missing out on this magical musical experience. Let's spread the word!

Andre said...

You posted in January that there had been 40 million views according to Youtube. If I'm not getting something wrong that means that in about 10 months there were 10 million views. Or somewhere around 1 million views per month. I don't know if a million people would fit in the Auditorium per month but it doesn't look that huge from the videos. But I agree with Zendrig that there are still too many people who haven't yet watched your videos.

On a personal note it's just been a year since you posted the video of The Fighter. I happeded to have that video on my computer when I hat to get a major eye surgery (the second of three so far) and it really helped me a lot. Since then I've always kept a couple of videos handy just in case. My current favorite is Chasing the Sun, btw.

Anonymous said...

congradulations you guys!! although im not at p.s.22 anymore, i still visit the blog all the time. sometimes i have a hard time leavin comment via cell phone but every now and then i can manage.
love ya, miss ya
kaitlynn (former chorus-er)