Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chasing The Sun

Happy to finally get back to business with the chorus yesterday after not seeing them for two weeks in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I thought this song, "Chasing The Sun" by The Wanted was the perfect choice with which to begin again after our unwanted hiatus. Thanks to chorus members Jianna and Dorian for their help in teaching it to the group. (As I had only heard the song a couple of times prior to the rehearsal, the kids knew it way better than I did) Love the harmonies on this one, and Dorian sounds phenomenal on the solo!

To echo the sentiments expressed in the video, many thanks to all of you who were checking up on the PS22 Chorus after Hurricane Sandy hit, via comments on the videos, tweets, Facebook messages, and e-mails. It really means a lot to us to know that we are in your thoughts during this difficult time for Staten Island and our surrounding areas.

UPDATE (11-11-12): Thanks to Perez Hilton for posting PS22's "Chasing The Sun" cover on his blog with some extremely kind words! The kids also got props from Thomas Parker of The Wanted who exclaimed, "so good!" on his Twitter page!


Andre said...

I can't find words to express how happy I am to see you all again after the storm. So glad to know you're all okay. Keep on rocking!

Betsy said...

So hauntingly beautiful!!
Glad you guys are back at it and making beautiful music again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing kids....What gifts they have to offer..Have been following the kids now for 2years on you tube and just found your blog....In our prayer here in Southwest Louisiana...God Bless

Anonymous said...

As always, this is brilliant. It is great to see that you, and all the children, are safe. You continue to bless us with this wonderful music. Mr.B - your are an inspiration to all.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

We did ğøøøøď !!!!!!!!!!!! :) ŁøVë ýøû ãłł hahaha
Ďéłãňęÿ.ŕ 5~@126

Anonymous said...

W€ d|d @m@z!ng this song was ment for the hurricane sandy for the people who lost their homes or family members ❤

N¥EMA 5@130

lola 5a-128 said...

Loved it cant get any better im really glad that we have gotten this far we are just doing more work to make joyfull music so every one can hear it and people could put there worries behind =-O :-):-)♥♥♥♡♡

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys using character map NOW? It's old. I used to use it until it died. Never happened since. You guys are using the "old slang", eh? Well, i'll tell you something:あなたの口をシャットダウンします。 Thank you, bye.

- Le Nadia