Friday, January 06, 2012

What The Water Gave Me

PS22 Chorus of 2012 are back with a vengeance with this amazing cover of "What The Water Gave Me" by Florence & The Machine! (Florence was a fellow performer at this year's Academy Awards ceremony at which the PS22 Chorus gave its history-making performance of "Over The Rainbow!") The kids sound magnificent, and Thoryn, a Grade A individual with regard to both her sound and spirit, suits the song perfectly! MAJOR props go to her for such a passionate performance on her first solo!

UPDATE (1-8-12): Florence Welch tweeted to PS22 Chorus to acknowledge Thoryn and the kids for their performance of "What The Water Gave Me!" Check it out below!


Andre said...

Wise words. Now I'm wondering how Thoryn comes to be so wise at her age. And what will become of her later in life. Don't ever give up your individuality to suit someone else.

PS: I noticed Thoryn's new hair color in the 'Grenade' video before.

hayley said...

Florence's new album is one of my recent favorites and your kids did awesome! Serious props to Thoryn, and please let her know that I LOVE her hair!

Juliette Cabalery said...

Thoryn sounds and look AWESOME !!!!
I'm so thrilled that you finally got to do a song by Florence and The Machine, good job girl for introducing them to the chorus ;)

As always, great performance you all :)

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks Thoryn can sing type I. And i typed i!! Great job! Dont let anything or anyone stop you from chaseing your dreams.

Chantal 5A-127

Anonymous said...

AWESOME soloing keep it up
by the way i can barely hear DANIEL-SON playin the drums

unknown child from panzeera class

Anonymous said...

I love this song! It has a good beat!

Angel 5A-127

J25code2 said...

Awesome cover, Thoryn is the best, I want to see more of her :)

Anonymous said...

i love the song but most of all i love the picture.

Carly said...

This is one of my favorite songs! I am so glad you covered it! :D Great job.