Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll Keep It With Mine

Here's a song we started preparing at Friday's rehearsal to record this upcoming Tuesday, but the kids made such quick and excellent work of it, we decided to jump the gun and debut it this weekend! Here is the classic song "I'll Keep It With Mine" by Bob Dylan, covered by the extraordinary Nico and also notably by my childhood idol, Susanna Hoffs (from The Bangles, whom the PS22 Chorus was fortunate enough to perform with at the Tribeca Film Festival this past April). This version owes a lot to all three renditions obviously, but most notably the Hoffs rendition, as that was the one that introduced me to the song back in high school. Thanks to Ms. Laurie for doing such a great job filming her first official PS22 Chorus video!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! That is the only word that you can use to describe the sound that you are creating! Amazing job! Bravo
Thanks for the smile :)Bethany