Saturday, February 05, 2011

Denise & Marquis!

After a slight disappointment of having our rehearsal on Friday interrupted upon being so close to finishing up our next original full chorus piece (which we'll be VERY excited to debut next week), I was very happy to get in some time after school to do some recording with two of PS22 Chorus's celebrated members, Marquis & Denise (both featured players on this upcoming debut)! First we present Denise warming up with a jaw-droppingly brilliant improv, while Marquis did the filming!

And here they are together on a very special version of "Impossible" by Shontelle. (You may recall that Denise auditioned with this song a cappella at the very beginning of the school year.) Marquis provides the beatboxing and of course doesn't miss a beat, while Denise, as we've all learned by now, only gets better with each performance!


Suz said...

too bad rehearsal got cut short but this is a nice little teaser to hold us loyal followers over.!

Ros said...

Oh Wow! I just stumbled on you guys today and I am overawed- wonderful wonderful music and performance . The live after school session was fantastic. Great job all!

KSena said...

You kids are so amazing, it is... well. Amazing. :-) /KSena from Sweden

lucresse said...

denise is awsooooome! i like her voice alot. one word. spectacular!