Friday, February 18, 2011


Check out this fantastic video that aired on CNN's American Morning this morning!


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!!! I just saw this story on touching and inspirational. I work with teen social innovators and social entrepreneurs (primarily in sub developed countries). I am currently based in South America.

I have to admit it was not easy to find this blog. I was searching for NY Glee Club, Staten Island Kids Chorus, Staten Island Glee Club, PS22 Glee Club :-P and I finally found the site through Wikipedia after typing in the entire name of the school. I am not sure if others are having the same challenge and thus that is why you are lacking comments from the stories.

Anyway, I heard that you needed to raise some money for your programming so I came here and I was surprised not to find a donation link. I am sure that once people see this story alot of them will want to give money. So for those who are not going to be able to write you a big check like the Hollywood stars I know they still want to make a contribution to support your programming as well. I want to suggest a website like where you can upload your cause and how much money you want to raise and then you can place a little widget on your site. Then people from all around the world can donate money to you. Then hopefully when it's all said and done you can make a documentary or something :)

If you are lacking time or need my support, I can set up the page for you as part of my support for the arts and also youth. I would just need the paypal email address to link the page to for you. I can source the videos and copy from the web. Or I can have one of my teen entrepreneurs create this as part of their charitable work to their community as well. I am thinking of someone like Ben Lang, a 16 year old social entrepreneur and founder of ( who is based in New York and has built up an extremely successful community and is a huge advocate of the arts.

Let me know how I can support you.

My handle is @teenbizcoach on Twitter or you can search my name on Facebook or any of the social networks and find me. I will look for your fan page as well.

Continued success to you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this video and I have to tell you all what an inspiration you are. Your choral director must be fantastic and I hope some day every child could have the opportunity to pursue the arts when in school. Keep up the good work, guys!!

Selvan said...

@Shonika: I don't see how this blog is difficult to find when a simple "PS22" would've done the job.
They have nothing to do with Glee though, so it's not surprising that "Glee club" won't give any useful results.