Monday, October 04, 2010

Tomorrow's Going To Be Another GOOD DAY, NY!

For all you NY Tri-staters, just got word today that Good Day New York will be returning to PS22 to film the new chorus sometime in the early morning! (Most likely the spot will air live sometime right before 9:00 AM.) In the meantime check out our two previous Good Day NY spots from 2010 and 2009!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this on my birthday, Mr. B! ;DD

Mr. B said...

happy b-day, joy! =)

Suz said...

Have fun guys-- I am sure it will look and sound awesome!

If only it weren't just broadcast locally!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you. :]

Zendrig said...

Yes! Great to see Denise and the other kids get some of the limelight they so clearly deserve.

And they're just gettin' started.