Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from the PS22 Chorus!!

Another gem from the new 2011 crew!! Tori Amos 'vignettes' often make for fun Halloween songs, so add the PS22 Chorus to the equation and you have instant win! Awesome job to Kaitlynn (fourth grade chorus member) and Kaleb, playing the not-so-happy bride and groom! Happy Halloween from all of us at 22!!

Thanks to Ms. Lisa for the great vid and pic!


Unknown said...

Yours videos are very very nice! :) is a beautiful and fantastic chorus, i didn't know it.
Have you try to sing "Free" of Stewie Wonder?
Greetings from Italy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Abigail, Skyhlette, Renee, & Chorus,

Thanks so much for your cards and good wishes! They really perked me up when I was feeling in need of a boost. I can't wait to see you guys again in person to thank you properly. I miss you all, and congratulate you on another amazing performance. I'll do my best not to miss the next one if I can get my act together.....

Mrs. B

Suz said...

Perfect for the holiday-- looks like it was another fun day for the kids!

Anonymous said...

my favorite video!!! 2010/11 chorus were awesome.

kaitlynn f. 5a-126

Anonymous said...

i just cant watch this video without laughing.

kaitlynn f. 5a-126