Monday, April 12, 2010

Zebra's Conquering The Blogosphere!

So great to see that our latest cover of Zebra by Beach House is getting such great acknowledgement! In addition to what was previously reported, today alone the chorus's amazing rendition has been touted by New York Magazine, Seattle Weekly, and

AND USA Today linked to today's Daily News article! Congrats to the chorus for a spectacular start to the week!


Suz said...

I don't think you guys have done too bad... one week back from break and you are conquering the world again! LOVE IT!

ROCK ON guys!! ... and keep dragging Mr. B along with ya! :)

Unknown said...

Hy, my name is Gabriela, and i'm from Brazil.Sorry my terrible english!
I love your project, and a i like to congratulate all of you!

RL said...

you and your kids are amazing! keep up the good work and support the arts in public schools. also, can we get an arcade fire, avett brothers, or wilco cover? i'd love to hear your kids take some of their songs on!

Anonymous said...

Long time fan, you are an absolute inspiration. The kids are fantastic and I am so glad you are getting all the attention you deserve.

Just out of curiosity, have you given any thought to working out an arrangement for Mika's "Happy Ending"? I think it would be beautiful, especially with the kids belting it out.

Keep up the amazing work. :)