Thursday, April 08, 2010

Passion Pit Praises 22!

Our friends, Passion Pit, had some more great things to say about the PS22 Chorus in an article that is appearing today in Sacramento News & Review! Follow the link to their site to check it out!


Anonymous said...

hey gregg word of advice stop talking about last years chorus their over this years chorus is what its about not any other chorus and if you say that you really apprciate this years chorus then show it because by posting up this kinda stuff it doesnt show that at all really think about the chorus feelings

Mr. B said...

I appreciate your concern for the feelings of this year's chorus, but I know the respective groups are proud of each other's accomplishments. That's true on both ends. Last year's kids always send nice messages to this year's, telling them how proud they are by how far they've come.

The point is, once you're a part of the PS22 Chorus family, it's a lifetime membership. And this blog is a tribute to all of its members, both present and past.

(Not to mention that this year's chorus member Brielle sang on that album too....)

Anonymous said...

wow awsome job chorus of 2009 sound great and i cant belive you guys sang on an album it must have been so fun for you guys good luck in 6th grade

(p.s brielle looks so cute with pig tails)

Anonymous said...

Hey B.

Awesome that Passion Pit is still watching our stuff!! I may not be in the chorus this year but I know that once we r a family-we r always a fam!! See you soon!!
Allie <3