Monday, February 15, 2010

A Brighter Way for Haiti

Last week, PS22 Chorus of 2010 joined forces with some other choirs across the world to help contribute to a video project to raise money for Haiti Relief. All the choirs did a great job as you can see in the final product shown above. If you'd like to find out more about how to support the project and help out the people of Haiti, visit zyOzy Foundation's website. If you'd like to make a donation now, you can visit this link. And if you'd like to hear the PS22 Chorus version of Amy Wolff's song "A Brighter Way" in its entirety (which features some amazing soloing by Isaac & Karinna), check it out on the audio player below.

UPDATE: As of February 19th, $5,035 has been raised from this project!! Kids, you should be so proud!!

From the Press Release:


The zyOzy Foundation today announced the release of the Brighter Way Haiti Choir Project video across all social media outlets.

In January, Amy Carol Wolff, an Indiana University graduate student specializing in non-profit manangement, zyOzy collegiate advisory partner and song composer, issued a call to choirs in January to do an original video recording of her composition, "A Brighter Way," an inspirational, musical "call to action," which, as Wolff states, "is a powerful statement of rising up, serving and bringing hope to those who need it."

Wolff conceived the idea of a global choir initiative after family friends miraculously survived and escaped the deadly earthquake, which struck Haiti about a month ago. By a miracle they all were found alive.

Five choirs joined the movement, bringing hundreds of young people together for haiti. The choirs include Uganda Rural Fund Childrens' Choir, the Crescendo Chorus of Connecticut, the famed Voices of Eve 'n Angels -- the Voena Childrens' Choir of California, the Pacoima Singers of California, and the PS22 Chorus of Staten Island, NY.

With the help of Byron Campbell from Firelight media Group, all of the videos were put together to create a dynamic and inspiring media piece for the people of Haiti and those looking to continue to champion this country's recovery. You can vew the video on the Brighter Way haiti Choir Citizen Effect project page: , where they are accepting donations for CARE's Haiti Relief efforts on behalf of the project.

Wolff and the zyOzy Foundation team are looking to raise over $30,000 for CARE's relief effort in Haiti. "CARE has a long history of work in Haitiand their people are extremely focused on providing for basic needs," Dan Morrison, CEO of Citizen Effect, "they are committed to providing water, food and shelter for the people of Haiti."

For information on how to spread the word or contribute, visit the zyOzy website at or contact Wolff at


Kalei's Best Friend said...

This is just so overwhelming... A beautiful come-together....Well orchestrated!.

Suz said...

lovely video--- but I am equally as happy to hear the kids take on the song from beginning to end!

great job kids... another shining example of the HUGE hearts you have-- Isaac and Karrina sounded really strong and the chorus has some beautiful harmony in here!

anonymous said...

So glad to have had the kids a part of this! If you love the video, please join us in your donations as well! Here's the link to the site!

Thank you!

Suz said...

OOPS!!! sorry for the spelling your name wrong Karinna!

come on Mr. B--- you should have let me redo that one before you approved it! :P

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Amazing, both the 5-choir rendition...and then the PS 22 version. Just beautiful.

It seems, planned or not, that the Chorus turned towward social justice...with One Day, Pearls, and now A Brighter Way one after the other.

Great work kids. It's like you are beocing a new heart for the you encounter so many of the emotional textures of life, you feeeeel more and so do those who hear you songs...I know I sure du.


Mr. B said...

awesome comment, bruce. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful video and singing!I was so moved, sitting at my desk, supposed to be working, but very very glad to have opened up your site and watched the video instead. LOVED it.Rike