Friday, February 05, 2010

A Breakthru Interview!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed last week by DJ Latola from Breakthru Radio, that specializes in independent music. Our conversation and some awesome original performances by the chorus and Justin (legendary soloist of 2007) is now up on Breathru's website. It makes for a highly enjoyable listen, despite (or because of!) some rather random questions... :)

Interview with DJ Latola on Breakthru Radio

Songs in the interview are:

1) "I Will Belong Where I am" -- performed by the PS22 Chorus of 2007 and written by Justin (Chorus of 2007) & Mr. B

2) "Follow Your People" -- an original improv by Justin & Mr. B (Justin invented his vocals and lyrics on the spot and as you hear it on the recording!)

3) "Sing Yourself" -- a song I wrote for the chorus to sing in 2002. It's one of those rare tunes that I tend to keep in the chorus's repertoire year to year.

4) "Chants" -- written by the 4th and 5th grade music classes & performed by the PS22 Chorus of 2004, you can find out more about the chants here.

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