Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tribute To Michael Jackson (at CBS Early Show)

On Saturday, as reported earlier, the PS22 Chorus performed live on the CBS Early Show nationwide. While there, the kids, led by Elijah, performed a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson for Early Show anchors Chris Wragge, Erica Hill, Lonnie Quinn, and Priya David. It didn't air on the broadcast, but you can watch it below.

Within hours of the PS22 Chorus Michael Jackson Tribute YouTube debut, the video already received two honors, including the #32 Top Rated Music Video.

Below are some more pics from our Early Show performance.

PS22 Chorus & CBS Early Show anchors

PS22 Chorus & Ann Coulter

Jared dazzled by Erica Hill

Tirzah rocks the mike on "Just Dance"


Suz said...

the picture of Jared is too cute... and the photoshop of MJ in the picture with Elijah... it took a second for me to catch that one--- very nice!

clearly you are "relaxing" how many posts in one day? ;)

Mr. B said...

well, get the work done, then relax i figure.... ;)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Jared is very dazzled LOL... Elijah's voice is perfect for that song!..

Mr. B said...

agreed, elijah is perfect for that song, beyond the voice.... :)

GRUPOW said...

Ohhhh my god, you´re sooooo beautifull guys ! Congratulations to this AWESOME kids and this GREAT teacher ! You´re doing a perfect job folks!

I just cant wait to see more songs !

Grettings from Brasil

Adriano Cruz

Mr. B said...

obrigado, adriano! more is on the way! :)

Kyle said...

First on the list, awesome job you're doing! Secondly, the chorus is pretty spectacular and motivated!
Thirdly, Tirzah has got an amazing solo voice! Use somebody by Kings of Leon would be an awesome cover! Think about it Mr. B!

Mr. B said...

thanks for the suggestion and the kind words, kyle! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear LORD what a chorus you have, Mr. B.

I myself am a singer and would have been honored to be in your class. I'm actually most impressed with this and with "We're NYC". It made me cry...I lost someone in the towers.

You sir, do my heart good. You give me hope that music can change the world, one group of children at a time.

All my Love,
T from Indiana