Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Associated Press

Chances are, you've already seen this story on the web, as it's been on just about any and every notable newspaper/website. Such is the power of the Associated Press! Big thanks to reporter Verena Dobnik and photographer Bebeto Matthews (who snapped all the pics on this posting) for the major exposure the kids received from this beautiful write-up! The article has already appeared in such prestigious news agencies as The Guardian, Newsday, Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, The Boston Globe, Washington Post, Seattle Times and many more!

Perez Hilton, ardent supporter and self-proclaimed biggest fan of "our beloved PS22 Chorus", even linked to the article on his blog, in a post he titled, "They Make Us So Proud." Indeed they do!

Now I believe in offering students choices with regard to their education. Following that line of thinking, I offer you a plethora of choices as to where you would like to read the Associated Press article. Actually the different links offer different views of the story. For instance, the Boston Globe article has a great picture, while The Guardian offers no picture, but tells the complete story. The links below are, believe it or not, only some of the places online where you can read the article. This story can be found in hard copy and online being featured by many of the biggest news agencies around the globe. AWESOME!!

The Guardian
Google News
Yahoo News
MSN News
Washington Post
Seattle Times
San Fransisco Examiner
My9 TV
The Boston Globe
Huffington Post
Kansas City Star
The Omaha World-Herald
Taiwan News Online
Star Tribune
The Denver Post
News Observer
Mercury News
Corpus Christi, TX KRISTV.COM
Oldies 1150 Radio
KGTV San Diego
The Detroit News
The Eagle.com
Chicago Defender
Yahoo! Canada News
Herald Sun
WESH Orlando
KCTV Kansas City
KPHO Phoenix
WKMG Orlando
WPXI Pittsburgh
KFOX El Paso
Evening Sun
San Luis Obispo
Southern Ledger
Edmonton Sun
KIRO Seattle
Free Online Library
Arizona Republic
Sympatico / MSN Tech & Gadgets
The News Tribune - Seattle-Tacoma News
CANOE -- Technology
Metro News
Chronicle Journal
The Canadian Press
The Globe and Mail
Taragana blog
WISN Milwaukee
Las Vegas Now KLAS TV
Houston Chronicle
WFTV Orlando


Suz said...

I think world domination is nearly complete! Your elves were on super overtime finding all these!

Mr. B said...

Yeah, this elf himself has been pretty busy for supposed time-off... ;)

Angela said...

As an Exceptional Children's teacher in inner city school's I am SOO encouraged by what I see you do with your kids. This is my heart. I wish this kind of experience for all of my loves. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am so thankful that you are pouring yourself into something soo important! If your babies are anything like mine, I am sure they teach you way more than you ever thought you could teach them! Keep on keepin' on and know that teachers every where are cheering for you Mr. B!! Save the music!

Mr. B said...

we're trying, angela, we're trying. ;) (thanks!!)