Saturday, December 20, 2008

The PS22 Chorus Ushers In The Holiday Season With Its Ninth Annual Holiday Choral Concert!

On Wednesday, December 17th, the kids at PS22 gave an incredible holiday performance at the school for family and friends! The Holiday Choral Concert of 2008 had an abundance of memorable moments. The fourth grade chorus were a revelation, and showed that the future of the PS22 Chorus is definitely in good hands....

The chorus began with "VIVA LA VIDA" by Coldplay, with April leading the chorus in another brilliant version. Following that, Julian did an incredible job singing solo as the chorus presented the Christmas traditional, "In The Bleak Midwinter".

Then Samantha took the stage for "Maoz Tsur", the traditional Chanukah song. Here is a beautiful version taken from rehearsal.

"Maoz Tsur"
ps22 chorus p.s.22 choir ps p.s. 22 2009 2008 chanukah maoz tsur mao tsor tzur tzor rock of ages let our song praise thy saving power

Next, Allie did an absolutely gorgeous version of "My Favorite Things" from THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Is it me, or are these kids growing as singers and performers right before our eyes?! They just seem to get better and better, and Allie's performance here is just astounding.

After that, Maya took the stage for a fantastic version of "One Day" by Bjork. Maya did such a beautiful job on this one!

The chorus kept things going with two amazing full chorus songs -- "Sky Fits Heaven" by Madonna, and "The Seven Principles", a little melody I cooked up to put the actual principles of Kwanzaa into song.

Monet was up next, leading the chorus in a spectacular version of The Beatles classic, "Across The Universe". Then Melina did some fantastic soloing on an awesome version of the Michael Jackson Christmas classic, "Little Christmas Tree". Then we finished off with one of the chorus's huge hits this year, "White Christmas", which gained an astonishing number of viewers thanks to Perez Hilton posting it on his blog. The rendition of "Little Christmas Tree" below was taken during rehearsal and performed by the chorus coaches.

No show is complete without a good encore, and the PS22 Chorus gave a 3 song encore consisting of our biggest internet hit to date, "1000 Oceans" by Tori Amos. Allie really served it, and the chorus sounded magnificent. This song has over 158,000 views and counting as of December 2008, again, thanks to another Perez Hilton plug. Then the amazing Samantha returned for a "Let There Be Peace On Earth". Then the unbelievable Tirzah finished off the festivities with a high energy version of "My Drive Thru", the Converse Commercial song performed by Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D., and produced by Pharrell! I'm including this a capella rendition of "Let There Be Peace On Earth" taken from rehearsal, because in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful recordings the kids have ever done.

At the show's conclusion, former PS22 Chorus member Isaiah gave a rockin' encore of his own with "Run Run Rudolph"!

To finish the night, the kids sang a rather frightening version of "Happy Birthday" to Mr. B, but actually made a very beautiful presentation afterwards, which meant a great deal! (Thanks kids!) It's safe to say it was a special evening for everyone present. Here are some more pics from this unforgettable night!


Jonathan and Leah

Josh & Joey


Gabriel (Our sound-man!)

Pepsi (Giuseppe) reads his birthday message to Mr. B


Mr. B's bro and nana after the show!

The PS22 Chorus of 2009!


Anonymous said...

hi mr.b it is maya we did great!!!!.also my mom likes it to =)

Mr. B said...

Your mom must know good music when she hears it!! ;) You guys were INDEED spectacular, at the holiday show, AND today.... :)

Anonymous said...

OOOMMMGGGGG !!!! mr.b(by the way its april.p)I LLLOOOVVVEEE the pics and videos SSSOO !!! MUCCHH they came out amazing and awsome!!

Mr. B said...

as usual!!! :) you guys never miss....

Anonymous said...

thanks & yupp ur right about that or maybe sometimes!!!


Mr. B said...

well, i guess you're right about that maybe too, but usually you're perfect....

Anonymous said...

Hey spitter B. it is sad Ambuh. I LOVED the way the 4th and 5th grade chorus sang. The 4th grade chorus is AMAZING. The new 5th grade chorus has some BIG competition to look out for. They are gonna be HUGE.
-sad Ambuh :(

Mr. B said...

hey sad ambuh,

it was so good to see you at the show last week! and yes, those fifth graders better watch out.... :) the chorus of the future, AND the future of the chorus is looking good! but...... NO SAD AMBUH! HAPPY AMBUH!! have a very merry christmas....

Anonymous said...

Hey mr.b its james MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!! sorry i couldnt come to the show but sitting here watching the videos felt like i was there that night they sound AWESOME!!! I want to come visit again soon (im hoping) keep rockin the chorus.And again merry christmas

Mr. B said...

thanks james! i wish and your family a very happy holiday! no worries about missing the show. that's what the website is for. hope you'll be making that visit soon!

mr. B

jaigner said...

The "Let There Be Peace on Earth" video is my favorite. The ascending alto part at the end is breathtaking.

What an amazing group. Keep up the good work.