Saturday, August 23, 2008

Okay, I guess since it's August.....

...I'd better put up the inevitable graduation post. Yeah, I know, I know. So it took me a couple of months to acknowledge that the Chorus of 2008 is indeed moving on. I think that should be easy enough to understand!

It's hard saying goodbye to some of the greatest kids ever, so I'm glad I did it already!! NO WAY am I putting myself through that again!! I'll just leave you with some nice pics!

Jarred provides a memorable graduation moment!

Courtney gets a hug from Mrs. Donath as he receives an award at graduation

Ashley goes to receive her well-deserved music award

So is Michael upside down or his certificate? Hmmmmm......

Mrs. Burns and Mr. B with the amazing Ashleigh


. . . said...

I must say, that the first time I've ever seen Tori cry was when she watched your students sing her songs. I had to grab the Kleenex as well. Your pupils have always been phenomenal and I have enjoyed watching them over the years. Thanks for being such an asset to these kids and sharing your art to the world. Blessings.

Mr. B said...

Thanks, Jena, for all your kindness. I hope you'll continue to stay with us as the PS22 Chorus of 2008-9 begin their journey. :)