Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tori Amos Mentions The PS22 Chorus in New Interview!!

Martin Jan Stepanek, the amazing writer who wrote such a great article last month about the PS22 Chorus for the German/Austrian press, had the distinct privilege of sitting down with Tori Amos for a half hour interview last week! Apparently he was so taken with the chorus that he even included them in his discussion with Tori!!! The following is an excerpt from the interview where they discuss the Sony Atrium experience the chorus had with Tori in May.

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Martin was kind enough to e-mail me to let me know about the interview. He also said that her beautiful words don't convey the depth of emotion Tori showed when he brought up the chorus during their conversation. In the e-mail, he told me, "The written answer maybe doesn't sound so spectacular, but the first five seconds, after I posed the question and where she didn't say anything, kinda said it all!!!" Pretty amazing!

The chorus and I thank Martin for all of his support from overseas! If you in turn would like to support Martin (as he has supported us), and if you would like to see the article as it appears in the German news distibutor, click on the following link:

"iPod-Hören ist wie Wein aus Plastikbechern trinken" - pressetext.austria

Again, big BIG thanks to Martin and Tori, and congratulations to the chorus, who've obviously made their impression on one of the most extraordinary musicians/human beings on the planet!!


Anonymous said...

Its soo amazing to think that we met a cleb and she talks abouts us when every she has to go to amazing new places !! MISSS UUUU


Mr. B said...

Hi Ridmila!

You shouldn't be surprised! You deserve all the recognition you've gotten -- and then some! I miss you too -- SO MUCH!!!!!

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions the choir is getting good responses. Have a great summer look forward to S.I. PS 22 choir for the next school year. Former resident S.I. Scott Horn

Anonymous said...

tori rocks and so do u guys!