Monday, July 30, 2007

7 Years And 500,000 Viewings of PS22 Chorus Videos And Counting....

Congrats to all of the PS22 Chorus members throughout the years!! You have achieved over 500,000 viewings of your videos!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Keep singing and inspiring! The world is listening!

The Chorus Of 2006-7

The Chorus of 2005-6

The Chorus of 2004-5

The Chorus of 2003-4

The Chorus of 2002-3

The Chorus of 2001-2

The Chorus of 2000-2001


Carol said...

Looking at all these choruses is gonna make me cry good times good times and good songs from the christmas show I almost forgot about them but once I heard them all the lyrics came back to me like that man Im gonna miss everyone

Mr. B said...

Good times indeed, Carol. Hope you're enjoying the summer! I'm missing everybody too....

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your excellent vidoes on YouTube while having a little Tori-fest of my own. I am so amazed

Anonymous said...

OK, I am not too good at posting...but I just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed by your work. These kids are great...and the Tori meeting had me in tears. Keep on doing what you are doing! It is the real deal. - C

TifahBabesz1 said...

Hey Mr.B ! Told u id find the website lmao

Mr. B said...


So happy you found the blog! Hope you enjoyed it!! It was SOOOO awesome to see you guys today!!