Saturday, January 06, 2007


To do our part to usher in a fantastic new year, The PS22 Chorus brings you 2 classic performances from December of 2002! The first is an updated, much better quality version of the previously posted "Winter" by Tori Amos. The second is an awesome rendition of "Hasida", sung in Hebrew and on the amazing self-titled album by Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir. These are 2 definitive PS22 Chorus classics!

"WINTER" by Tori Amos (from the dress-rehearsal for our 2002 holiday show)

"HASIDA" by Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir (also filmed at the dress-rehearsal....)


Anonymous said...

I miss you Mr.B.I hope you remember me.[kaitlin from 5a_131

Mr. B said...

Of course I remember you Kaitlin! I hope you're having a great summer!! I miss you too!!

Mr. B

Anonymous said...

omgsh! that's me! [crystal]
i remember that song so well..
that year was fun.
i miss you mr. b!

Mr. B said...

hey crystal! so great to hear from you!! i miss you too, and clive and i were just talking about you the other day in fact!

anyway, you did awesome on this version! love the crazy eye thing!! glad you got to enjoy your performance all over again!

keep in touch!!