Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PS22 Chorus Makes Lady Gaga Cry!!

Last night, the PS22 Chorus of 2014 had the privilege of introducing Lady Gaga as she accepted her Glamour Woman of the Year Award at Carnegie Hall! For the occasion, we put together a vocal arrangement mashing up some of her biggest hits, including "Just Dance", "Paparazzi", "Edge of Glory" and "Applause!" Lady Gaga was moved to tears and sang her praises to the kids for the incredible job they did! Big thanks to Joe Baker and his producers for preparing the instrumental track to back the vocal arrangement we created! Also thanks to Jen Weinberg, Leane Romeo, Karen Carpenter, and all the people at Glamour for their respective parts in making this a moment all of us will never forget!

Check out more pics, courtesy of Victor Breinberg, below!


Jenny said...

I wish to meet them so badly but, apparently I have longer school days but tell them to keep up their amazing work I'm so proud of them I can see an amazing year!😣😢😉😊😄😃☺ love Jenny

Andre said...

I wonder if the kids are aware that several of the songs contained in the arrangement have been covered by previous year's groups. I felt immediately reminded of Just Dance from 2009 and Edge of Glory from 2012.

And if previous years are any example you will meet (and sing with) more famous people. While I'm at it: Not washing your hand is really not that great of an idea. And I hope she got her bonus point at least because Mr. B. was trying to distract her.

PS: I missed you while there were no new videos. Seems like I'm addicted. But that's not bad, is it?

Anonymous said...

Love your gaga mash> I live in New Zealand and would love to try this arrangement with my kids at school. Are you happy to share your arrangement?