Monday, September 09, 2013

The Last Dance for PS22 Chorus of 2013

A new school year begins today, so it seems fitting to post a proper farewell post in honor of the PS22 Chorus of 2013. Wonderful, wonderful kids, you are and will continue to be missed! Remember your own words of wisdom and stay you.


PoetessWug said...

It was wonderful music that I thoroughly enjoyed!!!!!...I'll be looking forward to the class of 2014 also! :-) Thanks, Y'all!!

Andre said...

As I wrote in June: I and a lot of other people will miss you. But then it's time for the previous fouth graders to become the new group. And I'm hoping for visits from 2013 members.

Keep being awesome and inspire others to be as awesome. You certainly inspired me to try my best.

Kaitlyn c. said...

They were amazing all year
It's a shame I couldn't meat them
I'll make sure I don't miss this years chorus
Good luck in middle school every single one of you
Your so talented I'm sure you'll make it perfectly fine anywhere
-kaitlyn c.

-Kaitlyn c❤ said...

They were amazing all year !!
I'll make sure I can meat next years chorus
❤ good luck in middle school
Your all sooooo talented

Anonymous said...

I will miss the 2013 chorus group, and I like the the new chorus group header that is good the colors are great are the colors lime green and black or something


Anonymous said...

Can I run to my old school on Friday and high five your new chorus?
Pretty please?

-Nadi (oh god I miss you.)

Anonymous said...

Hi mr.b miss u so vey much and the 2013 members I might visit so look forwards to meeting me!! Lots of ❤
- Jenny