Wednesday, May 01, 2013

a DELTA RAE of sunshine shines on PS22!

And yet another PS22 Chorus collaboration that will go down in the record books.... Here is the incredible Delta Rae performing four of their songs with the kids and a bonus of "Wonderwall" by Oasis!  Can't say enough great things about this band, but I think these videos speak volumes....

Enormous thanks for an unforgettable afternoon to Delta Rae, their management and P.R. for setting this up, Ms. Lisa for filming the videos, and Victor Breinberg for the amazing pics on this post! Check out more below!


Andre said...

In the list of awesome things you did this year this collaboration deserves a special place. If someone forced me to choose my favorite song of the year (so far) it would be one of these.

Oh, and I didn't find Nadia's question that odd. Maybe I'm weird or something? Which reminds me of the sentence "weird is good".

John Barclay said...

About as good as it gets! I love Delta Rae and the kids KNOCKED it out of the PARK! WOW!