Thursday, March 28, 2013


PS22 Chorus performs a tender but powerful rendition of "Crash" by the brilliant Canadian act, Esthero, whose album "Everything is Expensive" has been getting lots of play on my iPod. And Delaney is just utter perfection on the solo parts. Love this. (I should add the kids learned and recorded it in one rehearsal, making it all the more impressive!)

UPDATE: The kids got a sweet tweet from Esthero who was apparently brought to tears by the PS22 cover!  AND apparently our pal Perez Hilton loved it too!


Andre said...

Okay, you got me. I think this is the right moment to request more and longer solos with Delaney. Pretty please?

Lola !!! :) said...

Omg i cant stop listening to this song delaney did the best job in the world . She was so excited for this .and i love her voice it really went with the song (delaney) from your best friend YOU DiD AMAZING LIKE REALLY !!!!! An the chorus put in to the song .this song bring the energy back to life !

Jerry said...

I just got a chance to see the documentary yesterday as a preview for TIFF Kids in Toronto,.., I was crying throughout the whole thing, the "good kind of tears"', loved it and the story so much. I really hope that this will be picked up by TIFF Bell Lightbox or Hot Docs Bloor cinema for an extended screening. I want to take extended family to see it in a theater to appreciate the music fully but we have a family thing on Saturday already. If you are in Toronto definitely go see it April 13th! Public can buy tickets, not just kids.

As for this video, aesthete is my favourite artist of all time so awesome seeing you all do a version of one of her songs! Mr. b not only are you a great influence on these kids lives but you have excellent taste in music :). My favourite part of the doc is when you connect with the kids individually and make them all feel special.

Keep up the good work!

Warm n Wonderful said...

Hey another Torontonian here! I absolutely LOVE Delaney's voice. More please.