Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gym Class Heroes & PS22 Chorus Perform Together!!

Yesterday, the PS22 Chorus of 2012 joined the absolutely incredible Gym Class Heroes onstage right here on our home turf of Staten Island at Wagner College during the group's college tour! The band is aptly named -- These guys are TOTAL class and TOTAL heroes! The kids were invited to back the band up on "The Fighter" after Travie McCoy and the Heroes caught wind of the PS22 cover of the song we did back in November! The band was a dream to work with -- so respectful of the kids and appreciative of their contribution! Check out the performance of "The Fighter" from last night below and a bonus treat of "Stereo Hearts" that we did for fun at soundcheck!
Hugest thanks go to Gym Class Heroes and their manager Scott Nagelberg for arranging the collaboration -- safe to say it's a moment in time we'll all never forget! Thanks also to Ms. Lisa for the great video footage of the performance and soundcheck! Check out the awesome pics courtesy of Ms. Lisa, Ms. Laurie, and Mrs. Panzella!


Anonymous said...

What a great time to have Divina for a visit.

Anonymous said...

That was so fun!Everyone was so happy to have that once in a lifetime experiance and Divina we LOVED seeing you! xD

Angel 5A-127

Anonymous said...

Mr.b i love this day it was a dream come true this was so cool that me and my friend are crying not because we are its because we got this once in a life time apportunity and we love it.this is something we are never gonna forget.Also Davina was with us it was just so cool.They are so nice and respectfull to us>and thank you for sharing your spotlight with us.............. luv this day