Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celtic Woman Returns To PS22!

On Monday, PS22 Chorus was revisited by the stunning ladies of Celtic Woman, who joined us for another incredible afternoon of music and mutual appreciation! The ladies were kind enough to bring CDs for all the kids and the amazing custom made Celtic Woman Hearts PS22 shirts you see on the post! The ladies and the kids made some incredible music together yet again! (To see pics and vids from their first visit back in 2010, click here.) Check out 4 amazing video highlights from the visit below!

And check out this link to a great article (which includes the below video and more great photos) from!

Big thanks to Chloe Agnew, Maraid Nesbitt, Lisa Lambe, & Susan McFadden of Celtic Woman for their genuine graciousness, Tara Chiari for arranging the visit, guitarist Ewan Cowley and bass player Eoghan O'Neill, Mr. Eberle for joining in on the guitar for "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Ms. Lisa for filming, and Ms. Laurie (and again Ms. Lisa) for the amazing pics you see on the post!


Anonymous said...

Zyasia - Loved your reaction to the Celtic Woman ladies singing Bridge Over Troubled Water. Now you know many of our reactions to you singing "We Found Love" at the Sinead concert. Exactly the same........ :-D

Anonymous said...

You girls put a smile on my face. If song could end war that would be great. Keep it going

PCMP said...

To see two of my favorite artists together is a dream come true! Great job, ladies and great job, kids!

Chris(2010chorus) said...

Hi Guys! I'm glad your having fun! I'm sorry i haven't been here recently. i wish you guys good luck on your performances!

Anonymous said...

omg the chorus is amazing

from ashley
former member of 2011 chorus

Anonymous said...

That's really cool for Celtic Woman to return and see the most talented kids ever. I'm starting to like this year chorus better than last year. Keep up the Great Work everyone and Mr.B stay being the same way you are because you have a great personality. I love you guys!!!!!