Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alexa Woodward & PS22 Chorus

The PS22 Chorus was visited by the incredibly talented folk artist Alexa Woodward yesterday who shared her talent and good energy with all of us. Check out the two beautiful songs that came out of this collaboration below!

Thanks to Alexa for taking the time to visit and share your beautiful music with us! Also thanks to Ms. Lisa & Ms. Laurie for the beautiful vids and pics (respectively)! More pics below from our wonderful afternoon with Alexa below!

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no small feat- journal said...

You are such a fantastic tribe! The world is a better place for the likes of you, PS22 warriors of love! How do you choose your songs? I happen to know that Sam Sparro loves you guys, and would you ever honor him by singing Black and Gold? Keep up the great work. Your fans love you!
Portland, OR