Monday, January 17, 2011

PS22 Chorus Helps Deliver Oscar Nominees!

If you tune in to the Academy Award Nominees Webcast next Tuesday morning (January 25th) at, not only will you get to hear this year's nominations, but you'll also also see a quick glimpse of the PS22 Chorus kids officially announcing their arrival to Hollywood! The webcast will begin at 8:30 AM (ET), so don't miss it!! (The PS22 segment is expected to come on within the first 10 minutes.) For recent PS22 Oscar buzz in the news media, check out these videos below!

Entertainment Tonight (12-17-10)

Access Hollywood (12-17-10)

Good Day New York (12-17-10)

CBS News at 11 (12-17-10)

NBC News at 11 (12-17-10)

PIX News at 10 (12-17-10)

ABC News at 11 (12-17-10)

NY1 (12-18-10)


KSena said...

I am sniveling everytimg I watch any of your songs... So I think you kids deserve this. So much. /KSena from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Im only going to watch the show to see thes egreat kids. I hope they have a great time at the show!

Anonymous said...

I usually dont watch the Oscares but I will this year. I hope the kids have a great time!!