Sunday, May 23, 2010

PS22 on French TV's Taratata

Thanks to the anonymous commenter on our previous Phoenix post for letting us know about this French TV interview of the band. They show a clip of the kids singing Phoenix's song Lisztomania at approximately 11:30, and the band says some more great things (in French) about the PS22 Chorus. Direct translation anyone?

UPDATE: Thanks to Amandine for the translation below! SO cool to hear the kids may be getting visitors soon!

Host: "There is a sequence we found on the web, that you of course saw, but that's when we understand that a song entered for good in the culture and everyday life. Watch and you'll understand"

(Youtube video of PS22 plays)

Host: "It's a chorus from New York. 5th grade students from Graniteville with a clever music teacher because first he understood internet's strength because he does it regularly with U2 or Coldplay; but finding your songs sang by kids, it must have been... must have given you goosebumps, no?"
Phoenix : "We cried. We're going to go see them, we know where they are"
Host: "You're going to see the class?"
Phoenix : "We're going to go to the school, yes"
Host: "It's going to be great! I hope you're going to film it and put it on your website"
Phoenix: "We'll see"
Host: "It's going to be beautiful"


Anonymous said...

They've said that they really appreciated the performance and they will probably meet the kids cause they know the place where u stay guys in NY and they really want to share a moment with u!
So get ready!!

so lucky you are!

sorry for my english, i'm french and i discovered u thanks to the french tv show Tarata!!
You rock!!

Anonymous said...

T'inquiete pas moi j'ose meme pas parler en anglais a cause de mon niveau.
Now you're international stars !!


Unknown said...

kisses from france! it's so beautiful